As is the current fashion in Hollywood, every franchise gets a reboot. So if Hollywood gets to reinvent itself with fancy new graphics and a marginally different storyline then why not do the same with my personal blog?

This website has had several reboots before, none of them successful, but in the past I really didn't care. The reason being that wasn't meant to be an important place. This site was really a place for experimentation and learning. A place for me to learn about Content Management Systems (CMS), HTML, CSS and other web technologies without bothering to manage my own server. Could I have done it cheaper, yes, but because sponsors so many of the podcasts and online content I enjoy it seemed right to support them as well, so here I am.

The site however can no longer serve no purpose, which is why this reboot is taking place.

What will this site ultimately be? I have no clue. What I do know right now is that there are topics I'd like to explore and it seemed appropriate to document my journey somewhere so why not here.

The first topic I'll be delving into is productivity, which I'm sure sounds fascinating but is something I spend a lot of time thinking about (more on that in a later post). As for what else I'll be covering that's still to be determined.

Could this be another failed reboot? Yes, it's possible. But I'm hoping that won't be the case. This time I'm going in better aware of the flaws that led to failure in the past and interested in learning what else I can do to be more productive.

I won't promise regular posts just yet, but I can promise there will be a second post. Stay tuned.

AuthorLee B Wilson